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Accounts Manager

Basic Features

Maintain Member registration fee and monthly collection process. This will help GYM owners to know what is the pending amount, how much amount to be collected on this month

Accounts manager

Advanced Features

System can maintain member Vacations & Leaves. If they are paid in advanced the amount will be automatically transferred to the specified months. Export facility to Excel,PDF and many more.

Latest updates

  • Can send message through SMS.
  • Payment Receipt via SMS / Google Hangouts.
  • Offer Message Sending SMS/ Google Hangouts.
  • Auto Payment Due Remainder.
  • Online Customer Query Support.

Health Tuner

Basic Features

It is a unique application available for GYM Automation. This can take health parameters of the members and keep record to know his/her health fluctuation while they do the work-outs.

Health Tuner

Advanced Features

Exiting feature of this system is to mark their attendance in a single click to know how many hours they made the work-outs in a day, week, month.

Latest Updates

  • Body Stretch calculator.
  • Thread Mill Test.
  • Joint Flexibility (Sit and Reach).
  • Temperature, BP, Heart Rates.
  • Swimming Beep Test.
Health Tuner V1.3
Suitable for all types of GYM / Fitness Center.

This product has the facility to track members health as and when required and it will keep tracking the user′s attendance so that how much Hrs the member use your GYM/Fitness center and how his health is going on with used Hrs. It generated the great reports so that the member can understand what all workouts he has to do in a day.

Accounts Manager V1.3
Suitable for all types of GYM / Fitness Center.

This Accounts Manager can handle′n′ number of members and also can handle the members payments , like pending registration fee collection, on time status so that admin can see how many users are in pending and how much amount to be collected for this month etc …

Health Tuner / Accounts Manager V1.3

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